In nomine deus, no entiendo

‘There he stood. Over there, past yonder hill. A Man unlike any I’ve ever seen before. T’was not a Man of any ordinary type, coming home from his long day of work to enjoy the evening with his family, no, this Man was standing there as though as if it was his purpose. And what did such a Man to, while standing? He was singing songs about Nietzsche, dark and twisted and somber melodies about the nothingness from which humanity is, songs that depressed all who passed, and at the end of the tune, this unnatural Man would scream “T’was but a joke, my fellow man!”—Too late for those who’d already passed him, and not enough for those listening. This Man’s name was…’

This is a bad story if you’d asked me. I, Jokke the Jokke, do not condone such uncouth behaviour as destroying one’s fellow humans dreams, desires and passion with a single strike, a set of words to a rhythm and melody as sharp as a broken glass bottle. (It’s also irrelevant to the blog)

Good day, and welcome back!

I’ve no idea idea about typesetting a blog, because great wordsmiths like myself usually use pen and paper, or systems like either Microsoft Word, or LaTeX. Therefore, you’ve got to excuse me for writing strange headings, nonsensical titles and so on. I’ve no idea whatsoever as for why they come. I think they’re following me into this electronic paper. Which reminds me of typesetting in Norway, actually. I’m not so experienced to consider myself even slightly knowledgeably in English typesetting, but I like to think that I know a bit about it in Norwegian, and let me tell ya! People really don’t care much about that ’round here.

A very prominent example: These things «», our version of the English quotes (‘’, “”). People at my age in general rarely even know they exist, because they’re typically replaced by the inch mark (“). If Word didn’t automatically replace those marks with the proper Norwegian quotes, they’d probably gone extinct before the end of the century, which I’d consider sad. People don’t care too much about the difference between ‘–’ and ’—’, the so called en-dash and em-dash—in fact, you’re lucky to meet someone who knows ’em. The last thing I’ll talk about when it comes to Norwegian is that we’ve lost our own way of writing digital time in favour of the English way. Say I want to write ten o’clock (am) in digital. What I’d have done back in the would’ve been to write 10.00, not 10:00 as is the case today and in the Anglosphere. But then again, people don’t care and I wanna whine.

International English

I’m gonna write something more about International English. Actually, I’ll just write more next time. I promised y’all a portion of my autobiography, ‘The Story of One Man’s Dreams and Ambitions, and What He Did’, around the first entry, didn’t I? Yeah, I think so. So why don’t y’all sit back and relax while enjoying the story of the world number one hero and musician.

The Story of One Man’s Dreams and Ambitions, and What He Did

I’ve often admired the greats, men like Donatello and Leonardo Da Vinci, like Nabullione Buonaparte and Alexander III of Macedon. Bands like the Shaggs and men like Captain Beefheart culturally enrich me to the point that I have, through no more than osmosis, become a musician, a poet, an artist and wordsmith.

These are the opening words that introduce me. How long I’ve slaved at my desk, working for what felt like an eternity to produce an introduction worthy someone of my caliber. Naturally, the next question, had you been here, would’ve been ‘How skilled are you as a musician, O Jokke the Jokke?’ Well, let me tell ya. I play the bass guitar, I play the keyboards. Drums and djembe, maracas and beribaus, jaw harps and guitars, pianos and synthesizers—there’s no limit. But wait! There’s more!

I think that is enough of Jokke the Jokke today. As you might have seen, he has recuperated from last time, and, as such, felt the desire to brag. Trust me, you would not regret letting him continue. This, I suppose, marks the end of today’s entry, which in my opinion was rather uninformative. Next time I will make sure Jokke the Jokke is asleep or something like that before I start writing. Thank you all for your attention, and see you next time on friday, when I write my final entry.



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